Why should I use PathwayUSA instead of going direct to an Immigration Attorney?
The immigration attorney is going to ask you for your instructions. The attorney is not there to educate you about your options. And unless you are fully educated about your visa options, you cannot possibly give an attorney an INFORMED instruction. At PathwayUSA our job is to educate you about all your relocation options - to ensure that when you start making decisions you know exactly what you are doing and what the possible consequences might be.
How credible is the relocation advice I will get from PathwayUSA?
Let us tell you a bit about our story. Then you decide. We had heard about the L-1 visa as a possibility. When the attorney asked for our instructions, we told him that we wanted an L-1 and he got us an L-1. However, when we tried to get a green-card, we were denied because although we had met the L-1 qualifying requirements, we could not meet the far more stringent green-card requirements and we were denied. This started us on a 12-year $250k legal battle to stay in the USA. Appeals, Motions, Petitions and finally a Private Bill which we took to the United States Congress. All failed and we finally self-deported and started the whole process again from scratch. In hind-sight, we should NEVER have even attempted the L-1. Our attorney had not given us incorrect advice. He'd simply followed our instructions. But ethically, he'd failed to inform us about the possible consequences of going down that particular route. Over the years we educated ourselves about every aspect of US immigration law. So when we started all over again, we were empowered to have an informed discussion with our new attorney. Empowered to give him informed instructions and to double-check everything. This time, our O-1 was hassle-free and a year later we had our green cards.

We were fortunate - We are English-speakers, we had the money to fight the fight and I have a South African law degree - not enought to practice law in the USA, but certainly enough to navigate my way around and understand the law. So we prevailed in the end. But others may not be so fortunate. There's an old adage that "Uninformed decisions have unpredictable outcomes." And this is why we started PathwayUSA.
Is there a book about your journey to the USA?
Yes there is. But not available quite yet - for a number of reasons. Hopefully we will publish it later this year 2020. But here's a brief synopsis of "Scars & Stripes" :
"From the southern tip of the African continent to the East Coast of the USA, and from the silence of Capitol Hill and the House Judiciary to the aggression of the US Embassy in Ireland, Scars and Stripes is a family's 18-year journey through the US Immigration System. From the flames of 9/11 to corrupt and incompetent immigration attorneys and a dysfunctional immigration system, a new American family is challenged by inconsistent immigration rulings and forced to self-deport to Ireland, where they will become embroiled in a scandal involving US Ambassador Rooney, Visa Head Bradley Wilde and allegations of Irish passports being copied and supplied to Mossad hit-squads." 
Where do I start?
Your first step on the journey is to contact us and tell us about your plans and intentions.

PathWayUSA works only with clients who have already decided they wish to move to the United States. We do not solicit those who are undecided about where they want to move to. This decision must have been made prior to engaging the services of PathWay USA.  If you are undecided about what country you want to move to, we can help you to make an informed choice about this life-changing decision. 

Once this decision has been made, then PathWayUSA will provide assistance and guidance to make the relocation process less complicated and less stressful.

Get Started

Contact Dianne Stewart for further information.
What will I learn from a PathWayUSA Phone Consultation?
The first step is to complete our RELOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

GET STARTED! Contact Us to request a Relocation Questionnaire.
Once we have received this and reviewed it, we are then in a better position to advise you on your best course of action and what visas and documents you need.

Once your relocation questionnaire has been processed and evaluated, we will send you an email with our report and findings, views and opinions as to the merits of your case. Should you then wish PathWayUSA to follow up with a 30-minute or 60-minute phone consultation to discuss your case and answer any questions you may have.

The 60-minute phone consultation to discuss all your options with you will include :
  • The pros and cons of your move to the USA
  • How to prepare for the Big Move
  • Which attorney(s) should you use and why
  • You will talk to a highly experience consultant who will answer questions about moving to the US
  • Learn about which visas are the best for your situation
  • Learn how to assimilate into the US culture and community
  • Hear first-hand experiences from an Ex Pat who moved to the US
  • The benefits of living in the USA
  • The pitfalls to avoid
  • How much money to set aside for each step of the way
  • What is a credit score and how do I start one


All payments made in US Dollars at the current exchange rate and only by Credit Card, PayPal or by deposit in the UK.
What are the Costs of using PathWayUSA?
PathWayUSA offers a wide range of consultancy services, all designed to make immigration as stress-free as possible.

The very FIRST STEP is the PathwayUSA Questionnaire where you tell us about yourself - your family, qualifications, job, experience, home and lifestyle. We evaluate your situation and advise whether you have any chance of meeting the visa-requirements to get into the USA and if so, the visa options open to you. There is a fee for the questionnaire evaluation.

Thereafter, we offer you assistance in multiple areas. These include getting a tourist visa to visit the USA, planning a Look-See-Decide (LSD) trip to the USA to see whether the American Lifestyle is for you, looking at job, business and investment opportunities, opening bank accounts, looking at schools, how to buy a car, get a mortgage, what possessions to bring and what to leave, referrals to an immigration attorney that won't fleece you and a Realtor who will show you homes and neighborhoods that suit your budget, family and lifestyle, how to get a social security number, drivers license,  and a whole lot of other support that will prove invaluable. We include this list of services and associated fees with the Questionnaire Evaluation.

For more information about our fees and services please email Dianne Stewart.

DISCLAIMER: In using our services, clients of PathWayUSA agree to a waiver and disclaimer concerning the vendors and service providers we recommend.  Service providers and vendors proposed by PathWayUSA are constantly monitored for service excellence and those found to be lacking are promptly removed from our books. All of the providers have worked with PathWayUSA for many years and come personally highly recommended in every industry. We are happy to put our reputation at stake, by recommending them to our clients.

In spite of the fact that every precaution is taken to ensure that the very best professional service providers are recommended to our clients, and only those with years of experience and sound reputations and background checks are proposed, PathWayUSA cannot take responsibility for any losses or non delivery of service from these providers, once clients have agreed to engage their services.
Why the USA?
Here are some of the reasons why immigrants are making the US their new home :
  • Greatest and most powerful nation on earth
  • Safety and security for its citizens
  • Free education for elementary, middle and high school
  • Dynamic and thriving economy with opportunities galore
  • Non discriminatory society which follows the rule of law
  • Highly efficient infrastructure
  • Fair taxation
  • Excellent quality of life
Why folks choose the South Eastern region, specifically the Charlotte, NC Metro Area to live in :
  • Great climate with minimal severe weather occurrences
  • Reasonable to low cost of living
  • Low crime
  • Great schools
  • Excellent growth in the housing market
  • Proximity to the mountains for skiing and the coast for beach trips
  • Beautiful lakes surrounding the Charlotte metro area
  • Well situated for easy travel up and down the east coast
  • Excellent airport
  • Reasonable vehicle commute times at rush hour
  • One of the fastest growing cities in the nation
  • Southern Charm with great hospitality
  • Beautiful neighborhoods and great surrounding natural beauty
  • Lots of great attractions for leisure activities
  • Excellent NC universities and colleges
  • Incredibly clean and well maintained
  • Thriving and state-of-the-art Uptown city area
  • Many South African and British Families now live in the Charlotte metro area with a dynamic SA club for members www.southafricansincharlotte.org
  • Low pollution levels
  • A South African/British food and grocery store 
  • Nothing could be better than the Queen City!
  • Charlotte Newspaper www.Charlotte.com
  • Home to about 10 000 South Africans & Brits since the early 1980's  - many who have made a great success here
What is the best City to live in?
This decision is subject to a myriad of factors :
  • Where is your job located?
  • Can you choose where to live in the US?
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of weather do you enjoy?
  • The region's Cost of Living
  • Traffic and congestion issues
  • Crime
  • Number of heating and cooling days - this influences your utility bill!
  • Economic outlook of the city
  • Financial Opportunities & Growth
  • Population demographic
PathWayUSA can guide you through these and many other factors to ensure that you settle in the right city for your needs and requirements.  We can successfully relocate you to the city of your choice.
PathWayUSA can present various options of suitable cities, but there is a focus on Charlotte, NC as an ideal place for Brits & South Africans to relocate to. Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. The region suits us - the weather is great, the people are hospitable and the lifestyle is similar to what we are used to.  Other great states to move to in the region are South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas and Florida.

Useful link to compare cities in the US

Compare Cost of Living in Different Cities

Charlotte & NC rate highly on the latest Forbes Magazine survey

Watch this Video on Uptown Charlotte's city center

Video on the incredible growth of the city
What is the Cost of Living in the US?
Everything, other than services, is very inexpensive in the United States. Goods are cheap, but labor is expensive. You can buy a great GE microwave oven for $60 but it will cost you $75 for someone to come out and look at it if it breaks. Normally you would just take the item back to the store and they would immediately replace it, no questions asked.To give you a broad idea of what things cost in Charlotte, NC, here are some examples of items you may be purchasing :
  • $350 000 will buy you a 2500 sq ft (approx. 250 sq.m) home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a good area with good schools
  • $300 pm will lease you a new sedan, mini-van or SUV
  • $600 will feed a family of four with basic meals for a month
  • $2 will buy you a Double Cheese burger at McDonald's!
  • $100 will pay for your electrical / power bill in the above house per month
  • $120 per month will get you state-of-the-art Digital Cable TV and Broadband Internet and home phone at your residence
  • $1000 will buy you a stunning 50" Plasma HD television  - but you can get a fine TV at WalMart for $60!!
  • $3 for a box of 12 Coke cans
  • Approx $2.50 per gallon for Fuel / Gas for your car - average car takes about $25 - $40 to fill up. Gas prices fluctuate here on a daily basis, so this is an estimate for 2019
  • $2000 per year for car insurance for the first year as a new driver in the US - which will drop dramatically the second year
  • $600 for a Dell XPS latest model laptop, $1500 for a full house Apple Mac Book Pro
  • $6 for a snackwich toaster machine
  • We recommend thrift store buying when you are still using other currencies until you earn $$'s
Furniture is generally expensive in the USA and the quality is not always great at the lower end of the market. Good planning will involve bringing as much high quality furniture with you in a container as the first choice. Contact fellow South African Christa van Vuuren for fabulous designer furniture for much less than retail stores. Appliances should be purchased in the USA unless they are top-end items like expensive Cappuccino machines or Surround Sound systems that can be operated on a transformer available from a local company before you depart. Televisions need to be purchased in the USA. Great bargains and finds can be made at the many secondhand thrift stores like Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity 'ReStore' and the Salvation Army's Thrift Stores. 

NOTE : These prices are for the South Eastern United States and do not reflect other major metropolitan parts of the US - which are mostly far more expensive. Cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Boston, New York etc are way more expensive than the prices quoted here.

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