BREAKING NEWS! Stampede expected as EB-5 investment amount increases to $900.000 and $1.8M effective November 21, 2019

July 2019

The US CIS has just published new Regulations regarding the EB-5 Green Card Investment visa and increased the current TEA investment amount of $500.000 to $900.000 and has increased the non-TEA investment amount of $1.000.000 to $1.800.000.  
(TEA projects qualify for the lower investment amount because they are located in high unemployment or rural areas.) 

This Regulation will be effective November 21, 2019.

According to Dianne Stewart, President of Pathway USA, leading concierge relocation consultants with a trustworthy track record based in Charlotte, NC, "As a result of this, many South Africans will be excluded from this program as few will be able to gather the required funds of around R13,000,000+ to invest in an American green card for their families. Investors worldwide will be rushing to gain access to this valuable opportunity before it increases in November."  

For a number of years people in the know, like leading immigration attorneys in the United States, have been speaking out about the fact that the EB-5 program will at one stage or another be changed, increased or re-written.

Top attorneys that Pathway USA work with in the US, have been very vocal on this for at least the last 2 - 3 years and have consistently warned clients that the EB-5 investment amounts would change - and that time has now arrived!

Applicants will have until November 21, 2019 to file their applications under the old regulations.

"This will have profound effects for people living in countries that have a poor dollar exchange rate because it will make it almost impossible to afford for most investors. The good news is that there are still 120 days  to gather your information together and make this filing before the ruling takes effect," says Stewart. "However, preparation takes time and the earlier the better is her advice."

What to do if you want to act now :

Make an appointment with PathwayUSA in SA in the first week of August to learn how you can move forward quickly.

  • Prepare and gather all your immigration documents such as passports for you, your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 years who will be dependents on your application.
  • Assemble all available evidence to show proof that you can make the required minimum investment amount of $500,000 plus administrative and legal fees.
  • Prepare evidence with your financial advisors and accountants that shows that these funds came from lawful sources with documentation outlining this clearly and definitively.
  • Have all the necessary documents translated if in Afrikaans.
  • Select a reliable and trustworthy project with a proven track record.
  • Appoint a leading EB-5 immigration attorney that has filed thousands of successful cases.
"Most important is that you work with experts with extensive track records and proven results as this industry has been plagued by scams, opportunists and misrepresentation. Knowing who to invest with is KEY and choosing the 

right attorney is very important also," says Dianne Stewart of PathwayUSA. "This is your one window of opportunity to get a Green Card in the most reliable and efficient way. The processing time will be around 2-3 years before you 

can enter the US and start your life there, giving you ample time to get your affairs in order in SA before your leave."

Dianne Stewart of Pathway USA is your "google" for everything you want to know about relocation logistics - buying a home in the USA with your SA credit, getting car finance, understanding US healthcare, how the schooling 

system works, building your credit score, why you NEVER pay cash for anything, finding a job, establishing a business, understanding utilities, learning a "new" language and a "new" culture and much more.

Dianne will be accompanied by an EB-5 investment specialist who will take you through the process of selecting your Regional Center and Investment Project and what to look for to minimize the investment risk, and also an EB-5 

immigration legal expert, who will take you through the whole EB-5 legal process, from beginning to end. They will answer your questions and ensure that you are fully educated about the process, from "source of funds" to filing the 

I-526 to getting your provisional Green-cards to getting your I-829 permanent Green-cards in the USA and ultimately your US Citizenship.

Contact PathwayUSA at 

Dianne and her Team are now accepting EB-5 appointment requests for the following dates :

Johannesburg : Friday Aug 2, Saturday Aug 3, Sunday Aug 4 & Monday Aug 5

Durban : Tuesday Aug 6, Wednesday Aug 7 & Thursday Aug 8

Cape Town : Friday Aug 9, Saturday Aug 10, Sunday Aug 11 & Monday Aug 12.

If you would like to meet with Dianne and her team, please complete the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and we'll call you to schedule your meeting.

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